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Popular Catholic Speaker Gary Zimak informing a parish audience that they can stop worrying with the help of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church.

Catholic Speaker Gary Zimak is one of the most requested speakers at parishes and conferences throughout the United States and is best known for his inspiring talks on overcoming anxiety by embracing a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Currently, Gary is restricting his speaking to the greater Philadelphia area, but he will consider out-of-town engagements if they take place over the weekend.

You can invite Gary Zimak to speak at your parish or conference (or inquire about his availability) in any of the following ways:

– Email Gary at

– Call Gary at (856) 220-6131

– Fill out the following form

(NOTE: Gary will generally reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.)

You may also book Gary Zimak through CMG Booking, the leading Catholic speakers agency in the United States. Click on the following image to view his profile:

Catholic Speaker Gary Zimak is available to speak at your parish or conference